Ithemba Lokuphila

Ithemba Lokuphila helps drug addicts to put the pieces of their broken lives back together with the products that we developed. These formulations suppress cravings, helping to restore an addict’s control during the process of recovery.

Addiction is a huge problem among all cultures and walks of life, and it can lead to many other social problems such as crime and unemployment. In order to pave a positive way forward, we decided to create a “Hope For Life” for those who are battling addiction, and living in a very lonely and desperate dark place.

Through good communication and transparency, we believe that there is a positive solution to end addiction and break the chains of dependency so central to this life-threatening disease.



1 LITRE TONIC - A Health Drink-  Suppresses cravings. (e.g.: smoking, alcohol, drugs)-Stre..


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