Supply Chain Disruption

To all our valued and loyal Customers:
On 02 May 2020, I received the unfortunate news that some of my suppliers will not be reopening for business until the lockdown reaches level 3.
While every effort was made to keep adequate stock levels prior to the lockdown, these stock levels have now been depleted and I am unable to replenish that stock at this point in time.


I will be updating the stock levels on this website on a daily basis to the on-hand values. However, with every business, certain errors and omissions excluded may occur. In the case of an order being placed that cannot be fulfilled, I will notify you that the sale can not be completed. Alternate products that is in stock will be discussed with you but in the event that you request a cancellation of the order, you will be refunded in full.
The world has never experienced such an event before in our lifetime and my staff and I are in unchartered territory with supply chain disruptions of this magnitude. Jaykay’s Herbal, as an organisation, prides itself on our customer service and our loyal customers can attest to our service being impeccable.
I do believe that once this pandemic is under control, Jaykay’s Herbal will emerge as a stronger, more resilient organisation.
I do appreciate your understanding in this matter and I hope that any sentiments during this time does not bode negatively for Jaykay’s Herbal in the future.
Yours Sincerely
Jaishal Karsen